The Obsolete Dictionary


For quite some time now, i've wanted to work on my first ever book. But what to write about?! That’s always been the stumbling block, a pretty big one at that too...

Entry 01. From The Obsolete Dictionary - BUSS is the obsolete word for Kiss.

It’s fair to say I’ve created a lot of different things over the years, from logos to chairs, fonts to lighting, but never tackled a book, which has bugged me. I wanted to commit to changing that.


So as always when at the beginning of something, i was staring at that familiar question, where do you start?!


The usual answer is a hard slog to get the wheels turning, to give yourself space to gain momentum, full steam ahead in the pursuit of ideas, so to speak. After many frustrating, screwed up pieces of metaphorical paper (I use an iPad), I landed on one that i'd been searching for - an idea that was both informative, and visual whilst allowing me to write very little. Perfect!


I settled on the idea of The Obsolete Dictionary, a graphic documentation of words that have faded into the darkness, and become obsolete over time. I thought this could be fun, learning new, old terms, where i could explore different visual styles and treatments to depict the meaning of the word, such as the above, where the obsolete word for Kiss (Buss) is written on a pair of lips.


And so it begins! - Chapter 1! Im really excited to see where this goes and fired up to find out. You can keep track of new entries into The Obsolete Dictionary over on Instagram or here on the blog, with the final goal to release the library of words as a coffee table book, just imagine flicking through and picking up new phrases and words to unleash on all your mates in the pub, whilst they're using all their modern slang, blow them away with some new, old words. That's what real cool cats do.

Entry 02. From The Obsolete Dictionary - JOLLUX is the obsolete term for a fat person.

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