Kyle Wilkinson & Adobe Remix

Kyle Wilkinson Adobe Remix

To advertise the range of images and capabilities of their stock image platform, Adobe recently asked me to go in front of camera and create something for their Adobe Remix Live show!

Kyle Wilkinson Adobe Remix Design

I arrived at the studios in London in awe of the space, the size of the green screen was like nothing i'd seen before! It was huge - i'm pretty sure they green screened King Kong onto the Empire State in here, it was that big.

We'll go back to the start though, and why i was in the studio in the first place. A couple of days before, Adobe had contacted me to see if i'd be up for going in front of camera to create something with their Adobe Stock platform, bringing something to life from the images and vectors that are available on there. Obviously, i jumped at the chance.

The brief they set, was 'Creative Reality' - a style that seems to be quite popular at the minute, often involving other worldly images and psychedelic colours, showing landscapes or everyday objects in a new light and often feeling like they're straight from a sci-fi movie set.

Screen Shot 2018-07-27 at 14.02.12

I wanted to try and tackle this style in a slightly different manner - by seeing if i could create an image that wasn't reliant on the colours to bring the other worldly feel to it, but by using a stripped back palette with just a pop of colour. I envisaged a butterfly building some strange futuristic nest, creating a juxtaposition of something we see in our gardens, with something that felt like it was from the future with glossy and marble spheres floating within feathers to create an elegant, almost architectural nest.

It was a strange experience creating something on camera, in quite literally a race against time, i had no perception of it, i wasn't sure if i was working too quick or slow, or how long we'd even been recording. It felt like 2 minutes after i came off, and was really happy to find that it had been really well received on the YouTube live stream, with some really great questions and comments on there (thanks for those guys!)

I met some great artists also recording that day such as Ron Timehin, one of the finest young photographers in the country, as well as all the Adobe guys and production crew - a really genuine bunch of people who you can tell are brimming with passion for the creative industries, who doesn't want to see more of that! I'd had a really great day, but in a blink, i was back out of the gigantor studios, and leaving London in a 4 hour, Haribo fuelled, sing-athon drive back up to the North.

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