Computer Arts Magazine Cover Design

Kyle Wilkinson Type Design Computer Arts Cover

When Mark Wynne, Group Art Director at Future emailed me to see if i'd come up with something crazy for the cover of the upcoming issue of Computer Arts, I got excited at just the thought of what we were going to create.


The Art Of the Rebrand.


That was the cover line and brief I received for designing the front cover of issue 279 of Computer Arts, one of the design industries favourite magazines.


After seeing some of my photographic treatments, Mark got in touch seeking one for himself and his next cover. The task was set: Put the word Rebrand on the cover, in an inventive and interesting way. I really wanted to push the artistic route of the cover line, and liked the thought of doing something detailed and abstract to give a sense of intrigue, and like all good art, interpretation.


Now, when i think of highly artistic pieces and things in museums and galleries, i think of finely carved marble statues and old Roman busts - and I wanted to bring that kind of feeling into the piece, without having to become Michelangelo (because that sounds like loads of work and we were on a deadline here) But it's those finely carved, detailed curves that catch the light and form the shape that fascinated me, and is what i was ultimately aiming for with the cover piece - something that flowed and formed together to create the word Rebrand as it shape shifts from a Bold to Light custom drawn typeface.


The results from the shoot went down really well with the team at Computer Arts, that much so, that they even included a macro shot in as a full page for the feature opener -  to depict the details you must look at when crafting a brand. (Below)


So, WHAT THE HELL IS IT?, you ask. It's Double Cream. Tesco's double cream to be exact - something i've found, that looks absolutely fantastic when under studio lights, and something i didn't mind getting all over my fingers!






"Stepping into a cover illustration with Kyle is like being taken into a sorcerer's cave: exotic, thrilling and almost completely mystifying. All you can be sure of is that you'll step out with some real magic."


Let's Work Together.