Kyle Wilkinson is an Award Winning British Designer of Type, Brands, Graphics and Products.


Photo - Liam Prior

Kyle is a versatile Freelance Designer - an energetic and passionate mind with curiosity & craft at its core.


An inventive and explorative approach to design, typography and illustration, has led to Kyle working with a growing list of both large and small international clients, such as Adobe, Mercedes-Benz, The New York Times, Adidas, Time Inc. and many more.


In 2011, he founded Hacksaw studio, a brand and digital agency that grew to a team of 10 and was named as a UK Top 40 agency, and then in 2017 took another bold step, leaving to found his freelance design practice Wilkinson&Co.


Typically his eclectic contemporary style is applied to projects such as, Type Design & Typographic Illustration, Brand Design and Identity.


His curious nature however, and strong belief that creativity is transferable across many platforms has seen him delve into the world of product design, designing various showcase furniture pieces - his first attempt, the acclaimed Phaeton chair, was nominated for ‘2013’ Best Furniture Design and exhibited at Enlightened. As a result, in 2015 he was commissioned to design the BIA Trophies, a design which is still continued to be used, with over 120 trophies sitting on studio shelves globally.


To explore this field further, Kyle launched The First Edition, his first lighting collection, at London Design Week 2017.


Kyle is available for hire.

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